A mini-session for the VanDriel family [Lakewood Family Photographer]


When I tell you that these are some of my favorite people ever, it is all truth. Mark is one of my husband’s oldest friends, was in our wedding, and loves our girls like family. In fact, he is “Uncle” Mark in our family. When Aunt Erika joined the family, we were not only thrilled that Mark found someone that he adores, but, yes, selfishly, we were thrilled that we adore her, too. And now, sweet Ellie has joined the crew. Unfortunately, we are separated by half a country most of the year, so when one of our favorite families came back for a visit, we absolutely had to grab our own bit of the golden hour and take a few photos. They bring joy to each and every one of their interactions, and it’s one of the many reasons I love them.


Norma Loya - thanks for this great pictures,they are all great but yes you are right the first one,and where Mark is holding little Eliana,and the one where she is approving !! Mom and Dad kiss those are my favorite. Thank you so much; Ps. I’m Norma Erika’s Mom :]

The Bieker Family [Evergreen Family Photographer]


One of the fun parts of return customers (other than the fact that I love that you trust me to continue photographing your family) is seeing all of the amazing things that can change in between shoots. Liz and Tyler’s wedding was five years ago in Kansas, and since then they have had a set of gorgeous twins and one more darling little boy. Their family is just as joyful as I remember them on that wedding day, and I truly loved getting to spend the evening with them before they headed off to their mountain adventures.


The Shaidle Family [Littleton Family Photographer]


Pups, little boys, beautiful views, and so, so much love. I’ve got it all for you today, friends. Brendan is just about to turn one, so we headed out to this lovely park in Littleton for some photos to mark the occasion. Oh, he was so smiley! There were so many sweet little moments, but my absolute favorite was when Brendan got flown around the path by his daddy… they were in their own happy little world, and it was darling!


Jared Wick - Lindsay Konopa referrered me to you. I would like to inquire for services for Friday, July 1 around 7pm. I am proposing in Daniels Park and I would like to have pictures taken afterwards. Please email or call 314.202.3075 when available. Thanks!

Wearing the babies [Littleton Babywearing Photographer]

StChrisDenver05Before Miss Mlada came along, I requested my very first woven wrap for Christmas (and my husband came through because he’s amazing!) Once I got it, it took me a little while to actually wrap her in it for the first time… I was all shades of intimidated by the yards of beautiful fabric! Luckily, I found a community of amazing and helpful mamas who offered tips, advice, and answers to just about any question I could have. Here are a couple of those beautiful women, wrapping their own sweethearts.