Welcoming Mr. Theo [Thornton Newborn Photographer]

One of the best feelings as a photographer are the clients that come back again and again. It tells me I must be doing something right! Little Theo is the third newborn I have gotten to photograph in this darling family, and every second was a joy. I love when little ones eyes light up when they recognize me. I hope they always find joy in having these little pieces of their lives captured… I know I do!  

The J Family: Colorado Family Photographer

Family of eight with Colorado mountain view.

The best way to begin after a pandemic puts a giant stop sign in the midst of your business: at the beginning. Or rather, at least with a repeat client you love very much in a fresh new location. To be totally honest, I was nervous to get back into things! As much as I had missed photographing all the beautiful families and babies that come my way… I was worried I would be a little rusty. 

Instead, it was perfectly imperfect. There was just the right amount of silliness and in-between moments. There were lots of snuggles, some cricket catching, and a lovely bag of raisins for the baby, but of course. 

Family of eight snuggle with Colorado mountain view.Family of eight walking with Colorado mountain view.Young boy snuggling with his mama.Toddler walking away from siblings with Colorado mountain view.Parents walking with Colorado mountain view behind.

Emma | Class of 2020

The class of 2020 is facing a world that is nothing like what they thought it would be. The past six weeks should have been full of proms, senior weeks, pranks (ahem, if you’re from Kansas, these occasionally included an unsuspecting cow), graduation, parties, and looking forward to the last summer before college. I don’t have any seniors in my home, but I imagine the quiet of the last two months of quarantine has been deafening, especially with the number of unknowns still swirling about.

Every time I meet one of “my” seniors, I am blown away by their determination, their positivity, and their joy as they look forward. I know that same resolve is going to carry them through not only the unknowns of 2020, but those of the rest of their lives as well. I think we’re all going to need some of that grit, to be honest.

The L Family [Lakewood, CO Family Photographer]

This family is kind of that I hope my family will be when they grow up. They are sweet and kind to each other, greeted me with hugs and questions, and were just so fun to watch together. I loved getting to see how these beautiful parents just dote on their kids. Love like that is just really fun to watch and photograph.

Corey - These are so fun! I love all the giggles and candid moments between them. I also love that you got a photo of just mom and dad together…. because its so hard to get a good one once you have kids! Beautiful work

Lauren - That last one of the dad and his little boy is so adorable! You can really see the genuine happiness in your images! Well done???

Sunshine - Oh my gosh! What an adorable family! These are great photos that really capture their personalities

Lindsay - These are great photos of such an adorable family! I love their joy and happiness. The photos are beautiful and you captured their individual personalities and the entire family so beautifully.