A mini-session for the VanDriel family [Lakewood Family Photographer]


When I tell you that these are some of my favorite people ever, it is all truth. Mark is one of my husband’s oldest friends, was in our wedding, and loves our girls like family. In fact, he is “Uncle” Mark in our family. When Aunt Erika joined the family, we were not only thrilled that Mark found someone that he adores, but, yes, selfishly, we were thrilled that¬†we adore her, too. And now, sweet Ellie has joined the crew. Unfortunately, we are separated by half a country most of the year, so when one of our favorite families came back for a visit, we absolutely had to grab our own bit of the golden hour and take a few photos. They bring joy to each and every one of their interactions, and it’s one of the many reasons I love them.


Norma Loya - thanks for this great pictures,they are all great but yes you are right the first one,and where Mark is holding little Eliana,and the one where she is approving !! Mom and Dad kiss those are my favorite. Thank you so much; Ps. I’m Norma Erika’s Mom :]