The J Family: Colorado Family Photographer

Family of eight with Colorado mountain view.

The best way to begin after a pandemic puts a giant stop sign in the midst of your business: at the beginning. Or rather, at least with a repeat client you love very much in a fresh new location. To be totally honest, I was nervous to get back into things! As much as I had missed photographing all the beautiful families and babies that come my way… I was worried I would be a little rusty. 

Instead, it was perfectly imperfect. There was just the right amount of silliness and in-between moments. There were lots of snuggles, some cricket catching, and a lovely bag of raisins for the baby, but of course. 

Family of eight snuggle with Colorado mountain view.Family of eight walking with Colorado mountain view.Young boy snuggling with his mama.Toddler walking away from siblings with Colorado mountain view.Parents walking with Colorado mountain view behind.