Emma | Class of 2020

The class of 2020 is facing a world that is nothing like what they thought it would be. The past six weeks should have been full of proms, senior weeks, pranks (ahem, if you’re from Kansas, these occasionally included an unsuspecting cow), graduation, parties, and looking forward to the last summer before college. I don’t have any seniors in my home, but I imagine the quiet of the last two months of quarantine has been deafening, especially with the number of unknowns still swirling about.

Every time I meet one of “my” seniors, I am blown away by their determination, their positivity, and their joy as they look forward. I know that same resolve is going to carry them through not only the unknowns of 2020, but those of the rest of their lives as well. I think we’re all going to need some of that grit, to be honest.