A {New Year’s Eve} Love Story: Matt and Anita [Colorado Wedding Photographer]

It’s funny how many different ways our worlds can collide.  This wedding was a true example of that.  My husband grew up with Anita; her parents taught him CCD and confirmation class and their parents have all been friends for years.  I then met Anita (and later Matt) at our alma mater, Benedictine College.  So this wedding was a wonderful combination of some of my husband’s oldest friends as well as a lot of our college buddies.  It was a blast.
Not only were they my last wedding of 2010, but they were my first wedding of 2011.  I honestly cannot think of a better way in which I could have rung in the new year.
Argyle socks = killer.
These are some of my favorite shots of the wedding.  Anita’s friends and family gathered around to pray with and over her right before she walked down the aisle.  Beautiful.
I adore the lighting, the look, everything about this one.  Something about it recalls a former era of movies.

Did I mention it was below zero outside?  It was absolutely frigid.  These luminaries lit the way to the reception next door.
And did I mention this was New Year’s Eve?  So, yep… countdown, balloon drop, hugging, kissing and Auld Lang Syne to wind the evening down.
There really couldn’t be a better way to celebrate a new year.

Kathleen - GORGEOUS. BEAUTIFUL. AMAZING. You are so talented!