Baby Bump: Petra S. [Wichita Maternity Photographer]

This shoot was such a wonderful experience for me.  Petra is a high school friend that really encouraged me in the beginning of my photography days.  When she sent me a message asking me to do maternity pictures while I was visiting for Christmas, I was so psyched!  Because she’s a photographer, she was not only up for anything, but had some beautiful ideas of her own.  She especially wanted these photographs to represent the intimacy of pregnancy.  Also, having been pregnant not too long ago myself, I felt like I really connected with the whole concept of the maternity shoot.  Petra is around 24 weeks in these, but keep an eye out for some third trimester maternity shots in the spring!  
I was able to use my business’ Christmas gift on this venture.  Full-frame shooting: where have you been all my life?  
This is where she got the award for being a total trooper.  It was windy and cold, but she stuck it out for a few of my favorite shots of the day (seriously, pretty much all of the shots of the day were favorites, but I am glad we made it outside).  
Petra, you were such a joy to photograph!  Thank you for letting me capture your overflowing joy at being a mommy!

Petra Shafer - Betty,
Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous. Your talent as a photographer amazes me and even makes me a little jealous 🙂 only because you get to do what you love and you love what you do. Thank you for an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G day!