Welcoming Mr. Peter: a fresh 48 in Parker, Colorado

Fresh 48: newborn baby boy in hospital bassinet

There is something magical about fresh 48 sessions. This is such a tiny sliver of time in the long view of things, but one I think all parents hold close. It is as if the whole world has decided to whisper for a time so that everything is focused on this trio of baby and parents. Mr. Peter: so perfect in his little boy sturdiness, with just the right amount of chunk and tiny baby to him. The gorgeous light in their room only added to how perfect it all felt, and Amy and Sean’s obvious joy at meeting their third baby, and first little boy permeated the bit of time I spent there. Welcome to the outside world, Sweet Peter! You are well and truly loved.


Newborn baby feet

Fresh 48: newborn baby boy in hospital bassinet

Fresh 48: newborn baby boy

Jackie Parr - Adorable baby! And gorgeous images. Love your editing style!

Stevie - AHHHH I LOVE Fresh 48 session! These are all so perfect. What an adorable baby!!

melissa malouff - Omg! These are so cute. It almost gives me baby fever <3