What’s in a name?



As you have probably realized, everything “Voboril Photography” related has been transformed into all the lovely “Alzbeta Volk Photography” related branding you now see. After being married for nearly seven years, I decided it was time for my business to say good-bye to my beloved maiden name, both for the ease of my clients and because this is truly who I am now.

You will also notice the lack of a wedding gallery at this point. This darling third baby has brought even more to light my need to tighten up my niche while leaving plenty of space in this business to truly thrive, rather than just survive these sweet “little” years with my family. While I have loved the weddings I have photographed over the last 10 years, it is a difficult thing to give up an entire day of the two days we get together as a family, and so, for now, I will not be taking on any weddings. Thank you, thank you, to each and every couple that allowed me the absolute honor of photographing your wedding day. I have been blessed to document that special little bit of your love story, and hope I will get to continue to do so as your families grow and change.

The wonderful upside to me turning everything upside down is that I’ve refreshed the website and galleries and have been able to work with an amazing graphic designer, Amy Frazier, on lovely, fresh, brand-spankin’-new branding. This has, slowly due to pregnancy, been in the works for much of the past year, and I am so thrilled to finally release it into the world. It truly feels like turning the crisp page on a never-opened book, and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 plus years of business bring me (and my wonderful clients!)


Sarah Wostenberg - Beautiful new look and meaning! 🙂