Welcoming Adrian Scott [Littleton Newborn Photographer]



This past year, Sarah and I spent most of it pregnant, and we would often take walks while our older kids took a class together. We looked ahead to Christmas, one of us due on the Eve, and one on the day of, hoping our babies would be here by then but knowing that we were more than likely to be “late”. And lo and behold, both of us mourning our extraordinarily pregnant states, this sweet little guy made his (incredibly fast!) entrance into the world right before the new year. After Miss Mlada finally decided to make her debut and I was a little recovered, we trekked over to meet the newest love of this family and take just a few pictures to remember this sweet time. See, he joined a family with five older brothers and sisters, and oh my, is that house filled with joy and LOVE. His parents delight in every detail of his babyhood; in fact, they delight in all of their children in such a way that I always want to snuggle my own extra long after a visit at their house.