Welcoming Miss Genevieve


This shoot was such a fun way to see all of the dynamics in a family welcoming their second baby home. When I got there, big brother was napping, and we starting things off slow and quiet. We cuddled, admired this little lady’s tiny fingers and her itty bitty nose, and soaked in babyhood. Then, big brother woke up. We added¬†his adorable smile, his awesome energy, and a seriously amazing dance party to the mix. This little girl is going to have an awful lot of fun with her big brother. After our dance party and some daddy/son wrestling, we wrapped things up much the way we began, with little toes, and a baby all snuggled in at home.


Genevieve Turns One [Lakewood Family Photographer] | Alzbeta Volk Photography - […] One year ago, I got to photograph a darling little chub of a baby girl. Now, she’s a walking, giggling, red-headed one-year-old, and oh my goodness am I so glad I got to capture her sweet family again. We were all stoked to photograph this day, because it was supposed to be in the 60s. Unfortunately, the day started out quite foggy and chilly, so we had to incorporate a whole lot of snuggles and “run to the warm car really really quick” sessions. Despite all that, there were plenty of sweet smiles to be had. Happy Belated Birthday, Miss Genevieve! We’re so glad you’re here! […]