Welcoming Miss Josie


This family is close to my heart. Four months ago, I photographed Amanda and Jonathan as they searched for a little one who needed a family to join theirs. Isn’t it amazing how quickly things can happen? With a flurry of preparation, research, and incredible dedication (Amanda induced lactation, which is no small thing) they prepared their hearts and their homes for this little lady. She has been so longed for and prayed for by her parents as well as a whole community who loves them and now her. I love how much their own personalities are reflected in their parenting… they balance each other so well, and take such joy in this little girl!


Teixeira Family: Josie turns one! [Lakewood Family Photographer] | Voboril Photography - […] as they prayed and hoped that there was a little person out there meant for their family. And a year ago? Oh, my, the JOY! A beautiful baby girl was entrusted into their hearts and family, and now… […]