The Hill Family {Fort Robinson Family Photographer}

Hill36 copy

Dear Friends, You are about to get introduced to part of my wonderful family… they’re awesome, so just sit back for a minute. This is my eldest sister’s family. Millie got most of the map-reading skills in our family, is amazingly organized, can handle the most complicated of insurance issues, and is a talented musician to boot. None of that is even beginning to brag, yet. Five years ago, Chuck’s kidneys failed, and he had to have a kidney transplant. This family has pulled through an incredibly difficult five years, and are still some of the funniest and most fun people I know. Because we live in different states, I don’t get to photograph them nearly as often as I would like. While on a family trip this past summer, we slipped in a quick shoot right after a crazy storm rolled through the fort we were staying at.  Aren’t they great?!


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