The Marciniak Family {Wichita Family, Maternity, and Child Photographer}

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The last time I photographed this family, Miss Elzbieta was just a-growin’ in Mama’s tummy, and this time, there’s a brand new little life cooking in there.  How beautiful is that, that every time I see them, there’s a whole new life just getting started? This is why I love my job.  There were so many little things I loved about this shoot: how Thérèse wasn’t quite awake when we started, but she shared her sweet smile with me anyway; how Elzbieta’s tongue definitely preferred the “out” position; how we all ended up with pockets full of flowers from these sweet girls, how much Dan obviously adores his girls; how Brandi just glowed with the anticipation of new life within her; oh, and definitely how Thérèse went in for what we thought was a kiss… and ended up in a lick!


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