A Birth: Meeting Madison

Madison011 copy

Births are intimate in a way none of the other things I have photographed are.  And this one?  Such a beautiful thing to witness.  Nikki called me in the evening, asking if I had any plans as she let me know her water had just broken.  Immediately, the adrenaline kicked in, and while I was home much of the night, I mostly laid in bed and watched my phone, waiting for the right time to head to the hospital.  After hearing from Ryan that things were slow for the moment and they were going try try to rest for a little while, I made sure my things were together and laid down as well.  Moments later, I got the text that things had gotten intense very fast, and Nikki went from a 5-10 in just minutes (this is fast, very fast, for those who aren’t familiar with births).  I was dressed, gear in hand, and in the car in minutes.  As I drove through the snowy, slushy, streets (thank you, Colorado in April) I kept thinking, “I’m going to miss it, I’m going to miss it, I can’t believe I’m going to miss it!”

Thank heavens, I didn’t miss it.  Let’s let the photos tell the rest of the story:


Madison021 copyMadison051Madison057Madison061Madison070Madison100Madison116Madison118Madison134Madison145Madison161Madison174Madison183Madison203Madison211

Madison220Madison266Madison268 copyMadison280Madison296Madison338Madison354Madison357

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