The Hahn Family {Littleton Family Photographer}

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Meet the Hahn family!  I have no doubt you’ll like them as much as I do.  Not only are they adorable, but I’m always struck by their absolute joy in being a family.  It was such fun to learn a little bit about everyone’s personality.  Apparently I am not meant to work with dogs; however, as Miss Eliza informed me that I did not know how to hold her puppy correctly… I passed the little guy onto her mama who quickly assumed the correct position.  We made sure to get one photo with him, as he was pretty clearly a very important companion. What a sweet family… enjoy!










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Katie Sciba - So fun!! I’m sure Sarah doesn’t remember, but my older siblings, Jen and Bill, used to babysit her and her sisters back in the early-mid 90s in Bellevue, Neb. and I’d tag along for friends to play with. We watched The Sound of Music all. the. time. I always loved their family and I’m so glad Sarah has a beautiful one herself! God bless!

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