Voboril Photography is undergoing some changes over the next year, and while I’ve alluded to this occasionally, I figured it would be good to actually tell you what I’ve got going on around here.

We are very, very happily welcoming a sweet second daughter into our family in February.  Because I was a photographer before I got married or became a mommy, I am constantly trying to figure out the balance between work and my artistry and being the wife and mother I want to be.

After a lot of thought, and knowing full well the possibilities with a high-risk pregnancy after our first little preemie, I have decided to slow down my work a bit by taking a step back from the wedding aspect of my business for the next year.  While I will continue to take smaller shoots (families, children, engagements, ‘day after’ shoots, etc), I’ve realized that the intense time and energy both shooting, editing and following up with a wedding takes makes it difficult to give both that and two little girls and a wonderful husband the time and energy each deserves.  I have not made this decision lightly as I have absolutely adored the couples whose beautiful days I have captured over the past decade and the images I’ve been able to give them.  While I may resume weddings after my little sabbatical and do have a couple planned for 2014, I’m leaving the decision of how far I’ll delve back into them to a later date.

All of the changes aside, I am excited to be delving even deeper into life as a mommy and into making each shoot as special and beautiful as my clients are.  To inquire about shoots, visit my website and use the contact tab.  Keep an eye out for an updated website in the next few months!  I can’t wait to hear from you!


katie z. - Woohoo!

Sarah O'C - I have been meaning to tell you how cute I think your hair looks in this photo…I love it like this:)

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Katie Martinez - What a cute picture of you both!! I’m sure that’s a tough decision, but I know you’ll do what’s best for your little family 🙂 Praying for you guys!

Miss Hoch - I hope it February 4th. That’s my birthday!