Hernandez Family in the summer {Greeley Family Photographer}

A few months ago (yes, yes, I am *that* behind on some of my blogging), I met up with this sweet family for another quick mini-session and update on their lives.  
While our favorite little fighter is fighting (and winning!) her battle against A.L.L., she has been struggling with the other medical issues that the life-saving chemo can cause.  With September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I’ve been following Siena’s facebook page closely and learning so much!  I encourage you to check it out, as well, and show your love to a sweet, sweet family!
At the end of the session, Miss Siena showed me some of her new treatments (she was just getting over pneumonia and dealing with a new asthma diagnosis at this point).  This girl is just so darn brave and every time she says my name and grabs my hand, I just melt into a giant puddle.

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge - Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!