Ethan: ‘For the Love of Preemies’ Giveaway Winner {Denver Family Photographer}

If you follow me on facebook, you may recall that I took part in the second annual “For the Love of Preemies” giveaway organized by the lovely Julie over at It’s a Preemie Thing.  I’m so very glad I was able to participate again this year… and again this year, that I was able to meet the most amazing preemie family!  (If you want to check out last year’s sweetheart, go here.)

Ethan was born 8 weeks early in June of 2010; in fact, he was just beginning his stay in the NICU as my little one was leaving (different NICUs).  He spent 44 days there, catching up on all those skills he would need in the outside world.  I can tell you, friends, 44 days is no joke.  We spend 29 long, long days there and I cannot imagine staying even a moment longer.  Not only were we celebrating this truly amazing little boy and his upcoming 2nd birthday, but his Daddy had just returned from Afghanistan!  There was a whole lot of cause for joy that day!