Matt & Julie’s Love Story {Omaha Wedding Photographer}

 I’m not sure I can begin to describe this wedding with words that will do it justice.  I hope my photos do it even a small amount of justice to how beautiful it was.  I can’t tell you the number of moments in this wedding that made me cry, some because there was so much building to that moment and some because they were just perfect in that moment.  One of those was the foot washing.  The garter toss was announced, but instead of that, Matt’s groomsmen brought him a pitcher of water, basin and towel.  He proceeded to gently wash his bride’s feet in a gesture of service.  In the short time since I posted that photo as a brief peek into their wedding day, it’s amazing the number of people that have commented, passed it around and even written whole blog posts about the concept.  It has been really beautiful to see it touching people’s hearts.  There are so many things to say, but I think it’s time I let the photos speak for themselves.







Julie - You have such an amazing eye for detail! I really enjoyed looking at these pictures- many brought tears to my eyes! It’s hard to pick one to comment on, but one that really sticks out is the one of them coming back down the aisle. You captured some pretty awesome shots of the bride’s smile! Good job!