Kelsey and Michael’s Love Story {Northglenn Wedding Photographer}

You may remember Kelsey and Michael from their engagement session.  They were even sweeter (and maybe just a little more spiffed up) on their wedding day.  I loved Kelsey’s response when someone asked if she was nervous.  Her face just lit up and told them no.  They were both completely confident as they headed into the ceremony – it was beautiful.  There were a lot of tears on this day (admittedly a few from me), both of joy and a few of sorrow as they remembered family members that couldn’t be there, especially Kelsey’s brother Jordan who passed away a little over a year ago.

Not only was it a party because, well, two amazing people were getting hitched, but it was also New Year’s Eve!  The night was one long party full of everybody dancing… and I mean everybody.  There were toasts, countdowns, cheering and a whole lot of kissing.  Happy 2012!