The Lojewski Family {Topeka Family Photographer}

As I’m always saying, I love families I go way back with.  Meghan was my college roommate, and this weekend our families were “housemates” as she opened her house to us while we were on the road.  My little one and her’s were fast friends.  The last time I photographed this little family, little Emmy was only 5 days old.  As you can see, she’s grown up quite a bit since then, although she was not a big fan of having her picture taken.  And Abby?  Well, this little one was on the go.  She just turned 2 and is full of adorable little girl energy.  I love those sparkly eyes, pouty lips and chubby cheeks!  To sum it up, I love this family, I loved this location (I seriously wanted to take it home with me) and I love these photos.