The Jackson Family [Colorado Family Photographer]

This family holds a special place in my heart.  A little over a year ago, they were one of my first Colorado shoots.  I was pregnant and sick a good portion of the time, and Sarah shared her pregnancy stories from her beautiful twins.  While I didn’t know I would have a preemie at the time, we talked about the girls’ time in the hospital, and I thought back to it often when our Nugget spent her month in the hospital.  Now, another wonderful baby girl has been added to this spunky bunch!  After some complications of her own and a few days in the hospital, she is officially healthy and home!  I got to not only photograph the growing big sisters and their awe at the new baby, but capture a few newborn portraits as well.  What a happy day!   


Andy-Sarah Jackson - Alzbeta they are so perfect!!!

secondlookbeauty - Wonderful! I especially admire the pics of the littlest one!