Allie and Drew [Atchison Engagement Photographer]

So,  later the same day as the Heppler family photos, I got to shoot these two lovebirds.  I’ve known Allie since high school; we were on newspaper together and had a blast!  Two years later, she ended up joining me at my alma mater.  Allie is always laughing (and I mean always) and I love that she has found someone just as joyful!  Despite (and maybe just a little because of…) the rain, some of my favorite photographs ever were taken this day.  Plus, there’s no way to get enough of that gorgeous red hair!

Can’t wait for your wedding day, Allie and Drew!  If this day was any indication, it’s going to be an amazing party!

…and I love them all… but these last two?  Complete favorites.  Rain, you can come hang out at my parade anytime.