A Love Story: Matt and Victoria [Missouri Wedding Photographer]

This wedding was such fun to shoot!  Matt and Victoria were totally focused on each other that day – not sweating the details, but still managing to have an amazing party for everyone.  (Make sure you check out Victoria’s brother’s dueling it out on the dance floor.)

Loved her dress! 

These two were so shy and adorable!  After a little prodding they very impressively made their way down the aisle!

Oh, the goofiness :). 

Loved their wedding cake topper!  I can honestly say it is the most unique one I’ve seen thus far.  It matches Victoria’s favorite photo of them together (on Matt’s motorcycle).

A good cake smashing was to be had…

An awesome and talented band!  I never was able to find out their name, so if anyone knows, let me know!

All in all, a lovely way to spend an evening :).