A Love Story: Kasia and Joe [Colorado Wedding Photographer]

Kasia and Joe’s wedding was 100% them. They were so completely in love with each other; it was wonderful to get to witness and record that. It was also my first real mountain wedding, so I finally feel like I’m getting initiated into Colorado shooting. Thank you for letting me a part of your big day, you two!

Had to love the creativity here. The night before the wedding, Kasia’s extremely talented sister (who happens to be a costume designer), put together this penguin outfit for her son, the ring bearer.

Loved, absolutely loved the bridesmaids dresses. They each claimed a Disney princess :).

mmm…favorite shot of the whole day! I am just in love with the silhouette lately.

So wonderfully wrapped up in each other… perfect!

Couldn’t not put this shot in… he’s such a cutie!